Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Easter dress

For those of you who didn't get to see Lilly in her Easter dress...
...this wasn't ACTUALLY taken on Easter - on Easter her hair was curled, she wore a white bow and stockings but you get the picture.

Farewell, Elder Dickson!

For the past year we have been regulars at the Dickson household every Monday night. It is so nice to have one night a week where I know there will be good adult conversation (not that I don't enjoy Jackson's). Its so nice to have one day a week where I don't have to worry about dinner. It has been so fun getting to know the Dickson's better and we have been so lucky to get to know Mark, who is entering in to the MTC tommorrow. We are so excited for him and the people in Colorado. They are getting a great young man. Mark will be a fantastic missionary - he is so kind and ridiculously funny. People are drawn to him and I'm sure he will have great success wherever he goes. But our Monday nights just won't be the same without him. Jackson, I think, will miss being Mark's sidekick (or Mark being his?) as they "fight plop plops" with their swords (don't ask). We always have a lot of fun when Mark is around. We wish him the best these next two years as he dedicates his life to the Lord's work. I am so grateful for young men like him and Elder Matthew Thompson (who also has left recently for his mission), as well as my parents, for being such wonderful examples to me and my kids.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

How will my garden grow?

Being a blogger isn't the only thing I've decided to do. I've finally planted/created a garden. So I know it doesn't look like much, it's not. And I know it's all wrong, I'm sure it is. But the kids and I our having a lot of fun attempting to grow watermelon, green beans, carrots, and corn. And I know its way too late for strawberries but thats what those two plants are in the garden. We are so excited to see what our garden will grow!

Hair cut.

So after a year of letting it grow I cut my hair when I went out to Utah back in March. After the cut was made I immediately regreted the decision but "it is only hair" and I'm definetly going to grow it back out. I personally think with my round face short hair makes it look too round but you be the judge here are some before and after.

Everybody's doing it!

I'm going to be a REAL blogger. I spend enough time "blog hopping" that I've decided to rededicate myself and spend more time on my own blog. SO here goes...

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